Substitute Love

A substitute You are a substitute if your man treats you half hearted.

You are a substitute when you are clearly shown that you are not a priority .You are a substitute if your man does not find you attractive.

You are a substitute if he keeps you a secret.

You are a substitute if your man shows you that he is not going to put my energy into the relationship.

You are a substitute if you a dismissed and not heard.

You are a substitute if your man doesn’t have conversations with you.

You are a substitute if your men doesn’t share his hopes and dreams with you.

Beautiful sister you deserve better.

Be with someone who can give you his whole heart.

Perhaps he carries someone else in his heart or is just settling for you.

If you were the one for him he would not hold back.

Love is beautiful in a relationship,but there is no beauty in trying to love a man that doesn’t love you wholeheartedly.


Now that you know and have seen what you truly mean to the person that you’ve given your heart to what are you going to do?

Are you going to pick yourself up and know that you can walk away even if you are limping?

To whom will you submit the broken heart and shattered dreams?

Will the realization of what you thought cause you to settle for something less than what you are truly worth?

Will you choose life?

Will you choose Love?

Maybe the questions are too many to answer, but through the questions real healing presents itself.

The questions will lead you on a road of true discovery.



I have a thought to share.I think that we should practice the art of listening. I have been reading articles and essays that have been posted or published and people are making the most hateful comments. These comments reveal that people are not reading things through nor listening to the intended message.These comments reflect a heart issue which can be a result of pain or a mindset of indifference.We must understand the full matter. How can you give valid input on a piece of literature that you haven’t bothered to read ?Commenting on a title without reading or listening to the entire matter is presumptuous. A book really can’t be judged by its cover even if it’s ugly or not graphically appealing. The contents of the book must be read and devoured fully. We may hear or see something from a person that we don’t like or prefer. Many times we are just reading the title of an individual that which we see and assume.I admonish you to listen to what’s being said.Something just may be revealed that can help to bring healing and understanding. Let’s open our hearts and minds so that we are to be able to listen. 

Five Life Changing Things That I Learned in 2015

2015 was a year of transition and life changing events. I became a wife , moved to a new city with my husband and  got a new job as  a case manager for a really great organization. I endured happiness, excitement and things that floored me. I made choices that I thought were right and cried because I saw that they were the wrong choices. I learned five specific things that will surely make 2016 a better year for me and my family. Some of the things I learned were lessons that are simple however, I have learned that some of the simplest things are the most powerful. 

One of the most important things that I learned this year is to obey God fully because He really does know  what’s  best for me. As a Christian obedience to God has always been the bedrock of faith. I have never wondered if God wanted or knew what was best for me I just thought I could help him along. This year I grasped that obedience is the best way and if I had obeyed I would not have experienced most of the pain the I have endured. God always wants me to walk in my purpose and into my destiny. 

    God really does speak and reveal things that will derail my life and destiny.God has told me how much He loves me and I was totally wrecked when I heard it.I have to wonder how I got cotton stuck in my ears.  I can’t think of all the times I have said if only God will show me what I need to know or Lord speak to me. God did show and tell me all I needed  to know this year but I didn’t listen. Truth is  I turned a deaf ear because I thought I could fix things in time and I lacked the courage to do what was needed. I felt like God didn’t give me enough information so therefore I couldn’t make an informed decision. It all goes back to listen and obey for me. Going forward I will trust the voice of God no matter how much or how little He speaks.

    Life really must be lived for an audience of one if pleasing and worrying about what others think have become central. I spent a lot of time wondering what others would think of where I lived , what they thought of my  wedding,  and what would be said about martial issues. God impressed upon my heart that I need to please Him. People will always have opinions or talk about me and that’s out of my control. I Choose not to waste anymore time wondering what is being said or how anyone feels about me. I am loved and accepted by the King of Kings.

    Revenge is not the answer to pain caused by others. This year I had things happen that knocked the wind out of me. I was left wondering how could such evil exist or how could God allow this to happen. Bad things happen to good people everyday ,yet getting the bad person will not bring healing. God has given all of us free will and as hard as it was and is for me to accept God is the only one can vindicate. Yes, I can go on a smear campaign, bring physically harm or sabotage yet it won’t be the will of God. Whatever I go through is supposed to bring me closer to God. The enemy would love for me to operate in his kingdom but that is not a choice I am willing to make. 

    Prayer and Bible study is not an option it is a must.  God really does want to communicate with me . If I had prayed and persevered in the Word of God there would have been more results and more peace. The promises of God must be claimed and activated. His Words must be made alive in me. Going forward my feelings will not dictate whether I continue in prayer and Bible study.